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#1 Christmas Light Installation Savannah GA

Give Your Family The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas is fast approaching and with the holiday season just around the corner, we know a way you can give your family the best Christmas ever… by providing you with the best Christmas Light Installation in Savannah GA. We will transform your home into a sparkling and glittering winter wonderland. You and all your friends, family, and neighbors will stop and say wow when they see your lights for the holiday season.

Getting a Quote Only Takes 30 Seconds

Our Christmas Light Installation Is All Inclusive

Our Entire Process Explained In 5 Steps

1. Free Custom Design & Quote

We will come out to your property and talk with you to see exactly what style and lighting you are looking for. We will then complete a visual design example for your home and quote for you that is free of charge and fully customizable.

2. We Provide All Lights & Supplies

All the lights, attachments, cables, and supplies are provided by us, so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs or storage.

3. Safe & Professional Installation

We will then arrange a date and time to suit your schedule for installing your lights. Our team is fully qualified with heaps of experience and we carry full insurance too so you can rest assured you, your property and lights are in the safest hands.

4. Free Maintenance Calls If Needed

A huge benefit of our Savannah GA Christmas Light Installation service is that if you have any maintenance issues at all, we will come out to your property quickly and resolve the issue for you!

5. Safely Remove & Store Everything

Once the holiday season is over, everyone dreads taking down their decorations, so that’s why we are a full-service lighting company. We will come to your home at a prearranged time and carefully remove all the lights, storing them safely until next year.

Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Professional Christmas Light Installation Savannah GA

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About us

Christmas Light Installation Savannah

The Christmas light installation looks great and they were fast and efficient

Laura Strickland

Christmas Light Installation Savannah GA

Beautiful lights, Very convenient, awesome customer service! The Christmas light installation was great.

Mackenzy Warren

Christmas Lighting in Savannah GA

Amazing Christmas lighting, customer service and very dependable.

Mindy Galbreath

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do uninstall the Christmas lights after the season. With our lease program we neatly store them in our warehouse for next year.

Most homes that we perform installs on are in the $500-$2000 range depending on the size and style of the home. Some simple plans turn out less than that but it depends if you are just doing the front view or adding the sides and back etc.

We offer most type of decorations and we can quote and perform just about anything. Our specialty is custom cut LED C9s and led minis as well as wreaths both lighted and unlighted.

We offer lighting in Bryan, Chatham, liberty, and Effingham counties.

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Christmas Ever!?

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